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COVER serves income qualifying homeowners, many of whom are elderly and with mobility impairments. Our goal is to restore hope and build community among families that are struggling with challenging housing and financial circumstances that are often at the crisis level. We do this by bringing together volunteers and homeowners to complete urgently needed home repairs and facilitate the reuse of household goods and building materials.

House Care = Health Care: It is our calling to improve lives by facilitating “aging in place” by keeping the community safe, warm and dry.
By organizing volunteers from the community to work jointly on these repair projects with the homeowners, we find that homeowner’s confidence and quality of life increases significantly. A little time goes a long way.

COVER's Services Include:

Qualifications for Service:

(Home Repair or Weatherization)

We are now at capacity for home repair for 2022. In January of 2023 we will begin accepting applications for the next season.
We are still accepting weatherization applications.
To Apply, click button below.

If you have any questions, email 
or call (802) 296-7241 ext 6

*Hard Copy Applications available upon request.

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"Thank you COVER: your direction and expertise were unbelievable. Your organization is such a blessing to those in need. And you made everything go so smoothly. You’re unique people and very kind – caring-thoughtful-professional. You combine all the goodness in people and make it part of your mission." - Homeowner

Homeowners need to income qualify. Household income must be equal to or lower than 60% of the region’s Area Median Income (AMI). For example, monthly income before taxes for 1 person cannot exceed $2990, 2 persons-$3415, 3 persons-$3840, 4 persons-$4,265, 5 persons-$4,610, 6 persons-$4950, 7 persons-$5,290, 8 persons-$5,630

Carpentry that does not require a license (no electrical or plumbing) Single story roofs only.

For example, a roof that is currently leaking, holes in the floor or unable to leave or entry home safely. See FAQ Below.

Homeowner demonstrates sincere interest and willingness to participate.

Volunteer for an urgent Home Repair or Weatherization project in your community!

Home Repair FAQs

COVER is a community-based, non-profit program that organizes volunteers to make urgently needed repairs for qualified, low income homeowners in the Upper Valley. The repair work and volunteers are supervised by construction professionals. A volunteer Board of Directors from throughout the Upper Valley oversees the operation of the organization.

Our goal is to restore hope and build community among families that are struggling with challenging housing and financial circumstances that are often at the crisis level. By organizing volunteers from the community to work jointly on these repair projects with homeowners, we find that homeowner’s confidence increases significantly. In addition, the homes become dry, safe, and warm.

The majority of the work we do is accessibility ramp installation and roof replacements. In addition, we install fall prevention devices like grab bars and railings. During the winter, we also deliver our weatherization services to help seal a home against cold air drafts and we do furnace cleanings. These energy conservation services help save heating fuel and make the homes warmer.

Families or individuals who meet the income guidelines, have an urgent home repair need that can safely be done with volunteer labor, and live within 45 minutes of White River junction in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

Funding comes primarily from the COVER Store, private grants and donations from various foundations and individuals as well as various religious, civic, and school organizations. We also receive some support from local town budgets.

80% of the COVER materials budget goes toward ramps and roofs.
The balance goes toward other needed safety or energy conservation repairs or improvements.

Yes, COVER Home Repair is a 501-c-3 tax exempt organization.

COVER 2021-2022 COVID protocols

We are working very carefully to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.
To minimize and mitigate the spread of infectious diseases, COVER has adopted the following protocols:

  • All staff, volunteers, and other participants must be vaccinated.
  • Homeowners and their families must wear a mask during the workday while COVER staff and volunteers are present. Even if the work is outdoors.
  • No one who has experienced any flu-like symptoms or has been exposed to anyone with Covid in the last 5 days can participate.
  • When inside, Homeowners must be vaccinated unless a medical condition prevents it.
  • If COVER is working indoors all staff, volunteers, and homeowners must wear masks at all times.
  • Social distancing should be practiced whenever possible.
  • Clean hands with sanitizer frequently.
                                 ~ Thank you for your help.

How can the Blower Door make you warm and SAVE you money?

COVER tests the airtightness of a home using a special tool called a blower door. This is a flexible panel with a variable-speed fan that fits in a doorway. The fan will pull air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside, which draws in enough outside air that you can easily locate all the little places where cold air is coming in. Locating these leaks is key to saving money on your heating bills.

*Due to the pandemic, we are not doing blower door tests at this time. 

Pictured here is one of our Home Repair team leaders with volunteers starting up the Blower Door.