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Julio Muñoz Uribe (Ragko) holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Chile. Ragko has practiced visual arts through a variety of expressions: drawing, wood sculpture, oil painting, murals, graphic design, and video and photography. As an intercultural educator, he used community murals as a main tool of engagement with Mapuche- Williche communities and youth in communities that are socio-culturally marginalized in Chilean society. Ragko articulates his work in collections. This form produces expressive, methodological, and aesthetic possibilities linked to the life processes and ancestral identity of being Mapuche-Williche. This ‘doing-with’ corresponds with the rhythms of life itself and finds expression within the visual display of his work as a collection. His work navigates diverse conceptual and physical territories, exploring spiritual dimensions like dreams. One of his acrylic and oil paintings, “This is Not a Postcard”, was acquired by Dartmouth’s Hood Art Museum in 2019.

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