The COVER Building

The COVER building is a historic property that was once a meat processing plant and later a beer-bottling facility for Catamount Brewery. Remnants of the previous occupants can be found throughout the building. COVER moved into the building in 2001 after bouncing around a few locations including Plainfield, Enfield and West Lebanon.

Over the course of many years in the building, COVER has undergone many renovations to the building. The latest renovation began in the fall of 2022 and ended in 2023. This latest project was undertaken to make the building more functional by converting old storage areas into an office and woodshop for the home repair team and a used-book store for the public. As part of this renovation, the street-side facade was completely redone and a community mural was painted on the south-facing wall. The home repair office was also made more accessible to the clients served by COVER.

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